Anuradhapura Branch

Cancer care association was initiated by Dr.Samadhi W.Rajapakse and Dr.Upul Ekanayake when they were working at Teaching hospital Anuradhapura. CCA was growing fast with their tremendous efforts.Latern Dr.Samadhi got transferred to National Cancer Institute Maharagama and Dr.Upul ekanayake to Teaching Hoapital,Karapitiya and subsequently CCA got its branches at Colombo and Karaptiya. Later for the administrative purposes Colombo branch was renamed as the CCA main organization,and anuradhapura became a branch.

Please click on the following links for more details….

Opening of the Hospice at Kurundan Kulama,Anuradhapura

Registration of the first patient..

Annual General Meeting 2012

Phase II of the Hospice Project-Building a shrine room with a bodhigara for religious activities of Cancer Patients-Planting of a sapling from sacred Jaya siri maha bodhi…

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  1. dr.d.g.i.k.rupasinghe

    good job..all the best..

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