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"Whoever would tend to me, should tend to the sick."- Lord Buddha


Cancer Care Association Sri lanka

Thāla Suwathā (තාල සුවතා) in aid of Cancer Care Association Sri Lanka, by Ravibandu-Samanthi Dance Academy

“Thāla Suwathā (තාල සුවතා)”, the Annual Event of the Cancer Care Association Sri lanka will be held at the at the Bishop’s College Auditorium, on Saturday, the 26th September at 6.30p.m.

The event consists of rare and traditional dancing, drumming and performing arts items by the renowned Ravibandu Samanthi Dance Academy.

The funds collected will be fully utilized for the welfare of the cancer patients through many projects in the form of donation of drugs, donation of breast prosthesis, Hospice & and Home Based Palliative Care and the spiritual development of cancer patients.

We cordially invite all who are in search of merits to join hands with us for this noble cause, to feel the beat of drums and the rhythmic vibes to heal countless hearts !!!

Tickets Available at – Sarasavi Bookshop, Nugegoda.
Sadeepa Bookshop, Borella.
Paradise Restaurant, Thimbirigasyaya.
(near Buddhist Cultural Center)
Please Contact – 071 472 1588, 077 267 87160, 0778763782 for more information.


TV media sponsor - Thala Suwatha 2015
TV media sponsor – Thala Suwatha 2015
Thala Suwatha - Radio Media Sponsor
Radio Media Sponsor – Thala Suwatha 2015

Opening of Cancer Care Hospice Second stage

CCA raised funds to complete its second stage of the Cancer Care hospice kurundankulama. With lot of hard efforts and events of fund raising activities under the guidance of Hon.Dr.Samadhi Rajapakse CCA was able to complete the project.

Upper floor with a capacity of 20 patients was completed.When the hospice starts its full function it will be one of the biggest hospice in south east asia.

To give merits to the people who donated for the project and for the benefit of inward patients CCA organized a Pirith pinkama and a pindapatha dane/alms giving with the participation of about 140 monks from different area’s of the country.Event was well organized and patients were so happy to get involved in the spiritual activity.

Here are some of the captions from the event..for your merits…


 We need beds and other necessary items for the newly completed floor,…

Please contact




Annual general meeting 2014

Dear members/well wishers,

Cancer care Associations annual general meeting for year 2014 will be held on 24th June 2014 at New auditorium of National Institute of Education (NIE),Maharagama at 1.30 pm.

We have already posted letters to the members and there will be paper advertisements during this week.

Last years progress report and audited  accounts will be presented and election of new office bearers for 2014/2015 will take place on this.

I here by invite you all for this occasion to extend support towards this noble cause.

New member can get membership applications on this day.

theruwan sarani!

Dr.Iresh Jayaweera

Hon Secretary


Please contact 0773409787/0773557123 for inquiries


Cancer Care Hospice documentary

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Art and Palliative Medicine activity



It seems that Dr Samadhi is her disciple. This picture is his work – he painted it after being very much moved by his visit to the pediatric palliative care clinic that Pallium India and Departments of Pediatrics and Pediatric Neurology jointly run in the Government Medical College Campus, Trivandrum. Most of the children attending the clinic have neurological problems.



The child in the picture has no face. The mother is holding the baby to herself. She has tried hard to retain her femininity by the bindi on her forehead, but it is out of place.


Dear Dr Samadhi, your painting and your sensitivity move us. Thank you for your time with us.


Fund rasing 2013-‘Ran salakuna’ a musical drama with folk music

“Ran Salakuna” In aid of Cancer Care Association-Sri Lanka

Cancer Care Association (CCA) is a registered non- governmental organization dedicated for the well being of patients affected with cancer. CCA with years of dedicated hard work from its inception in 2003 CCA has achieved many goals which include a multi-million project-Hospice for the care of terminally ill cancer patients. It is the main organization in Sri Lanka working towards promoting volunteerism for the “Home Based Palliative Care Service’’. A long list of activities includes programs aimed for physical, psychosocial and spiritual well being of patients to infrastructure development of the cancer units in Sri Lanka.CCA is having a drug project which donate essential drugs which are not available in the government sector and a pain relief project for the terminally iIl cancer patients.

For these noble services provided CCA raises funds from membership dues and generous donations from well wishers. This year CCA is organizing a fund raising event ‘RanSalakuna’  a cultural program with  folk songs, dance and music performances with RanwalaBalakaya.on on November 27,2013 at 3.00 pm and 6.30 p.m. at Kularatne Hall, Ananda College, Colombo 10. Eleventh year commemoration of Late Master Lional Ranwala will be held parallel to this event.

Event is comprised of a School show at 3.00 p.m which will be participated by Eight Hundred School children in the Colombo region and a Main show at 6.30 p.m to be participated by a distinguish crowd of 800 people with values for our Sri Lankan heritage and folk music who will donate for a noble cause.

As a non-profit establishment, organizing an event of such proportion requires financial assistance to ensure its success. Hence CCA is seeking the generosity from private sector organizations such as yours to gain tenacity and strength to ensure the success of our endeavor.

By participating as a sponsor your organization will benefit from extended exposure thorough promotional efforts towards an important segment of your target audience.

The funds raised from this event will go directly for the enrichment of the lives of people affected by cancer.

On behalf of the affected community, please accept our thanks in advance for your kind generosity.

To buy tickets  online

World Hospice and Palliative Care Day 2013

World Hospice and Palliative Care Day 2013

World Palliative Care Day is celebrated on 12th October Each year.As the pioneer organization in Sri lanka to promote palliative care CCA is planning for few activities. CCA is the first to build and maintain a Hospice outside Colombo -Kurundankulama Anuradhapura free of charge for the Cancer patients.Also it is the first to start a Free Home Based Palliative Care Service in Sri Lanka.

dsc_0118 dsc_0206 dsc_0188

Staff training and providing standard palliative care with trained nurses is a challenge to CCA.

This years theme for the world palliative care day

“Achieving universal coverage of palliative care-Dispelling the myths”

Urgent action needed to improve access to hospice and palliative care: It is time to start dispelling the myths

Although we have made some progress, there are still millions of people around the world who do not have proper access to hospice and palliative care. For World Hospice and Palliative Care Day 2013, the Worldwide Palliative Care Alliance and its global partners are focusing on “dispelling the myths,” and encouraging people to promote the facts about hospice and palliative care.

On October 12, 2013  Cancer Care Association  Sri Lanka will be working to dispel the following inaccurate perceptions:

MYTH: Having hospice and palliative care means you will die soon.

FACT: Hospice and palliative care is not just for the end of life. It is a holistic approach that includes caregiver support, spiritual care, bereavement and much more.

MYTH: Hospice and palliative care is just for people with cancer

FACT: All those who are diagnosed with a chronic life-limiting illness can benefit from hospice and palliative care

MYTH: Palliative care only manages pain through the use of addictive narcotics.

FACT: Palliative care is whole person care that provides psychosocial and spiritual care along with pain and symptom management.[i]

“Shockingly, 42% of countries do not have any identified hospice and palliative care services and 80% of people globally lack adequate access to medication for treatment of moderate to severe pain[ii]. This means that millions of people, especially in the developing world, are living and dying in unnecessary pain and distress,” stated David Praill, Worldwide Palliative Care Alliance and Chief Executive of Help the Hospices.

To ensure all those with life-limiting conditions are cared for with dignity and according to their wishes,CCA is calling for nationally integrated hospice and palliative care health systems around the world.

Dr.Samadhi Rajapaksa stated:

“Hospice and palliative care are essential for any national health care system to fully care for those with the most serious chronic illnesses. Palliative care is for all persons with limited life expectancy no matter what their disease or age. Palliative care is safe, effective and promotes dignity, comfort, and support.”

To mark this day of action, advocates, patients and carers are unified in calling for urgent action from UN agencies, governments, the private sector, and civil society to improve access to palliative care for people with life-limiting conditions by integrating palliative care into existing services. They also urge these institutions to engage in public education to dispel unhelpful myths and promote hospice and palliative care facts.

“World Hospice and Palliative Care Day is a day of celebration for the progress that has been made in reducing pain and suffering. But it is also a day to shine a light on neglected or marginalised groups that are still unable to get the care that they require,” Added Sharon Baxter, Worldwide Palliative Care Alliance and Executive Director of the Canadian Hospice Palliative Care Association.

In addition to better integration of hospice and palliative care into health care, the global hospice and palliative care community is stressing the need for:

  • More training for health professionals and carers;
  • Improved access to pain and symptom management medications;
  • The inclusion of hospice and palliative care into existing health policies;
  • Opportunities for older people to be involved in decisions around their care.

To mark World Hospice and Palliative Care Day 2013 thousands of people in over 70 countries will come together at more than 1,000 events to celebrate, support and speak up about hospice and palliative care.

In Sri Lanka palliative care is a developing field where the coverage less than 1% from the requirement.Out of 18000 new cases presenting to National Cancer Institute 1/3rd will require palliative care within one year of diagnosis due to late presentations with disseminated disease.

World Hospice and Palliative Care Day Seminar and workshop

CCA is organizing a workshop in order to celebrate the above day at the Auditorium of the National Cancer Institute of Sri Lanka , Maharagama at 4pm  on 12th October 2013.Their will be eminent speakers who are specialists in their field of Medicine talking about palliative care.An expected crowd of 200 to be participated for the event.

All are Welcome!

Home Based Palliative Care Service

CCA is the only organization to provide Home Based Palliative Care to Patients free of charge now. This service is currently available only in Galle District; Southern province of Sri Lanka.

CCA is planning to launch this service on 12th of October 2103 in Colombo district-Capital of Sri Lanka. CCA will start its Home Based Palliative Care service in the other districts as well in the future.

Nails done
Nails done

Also there will be many activities  arranged at the Kurundankulama Hospice and also Galle by the relevant branch officials.There will be a few Home visits organized by the Karapitiya Branch in the due course.

This year activities are to be funded by the Help the Hospices UK.

For further information please contact CCA.


50th Bodhi Puja activity

CCA is continuing its nobel service over the past few years.Here are some captions from the 50th bodhi puja activity in which 50 monks were invited to participate for the puja and chanting on 23rd of February 2013. Surrounding g area was decorated with lotus and jasmine flowers.And many of the CCA members contributed for the activity.And the patients who were present that day were able to offer pirikara to the monks.DSC_0797DSC_0792DSC_0774DSC_0769DSC_0770DSC_0754DSC_0741DSC_0748

Noble Puja activity

Mahiyanganaya viharaya golden railing

Project ‘Revive to Survive’

Project ‘Revive to Survive’

Cancer Care Association in partnership with a voluntary group called Revive To Survive‘ initiated this project in mid 2012. A group of young  Sri lankans based in TexasHouston lead by Mr.Ruvinda Gunawardena and Miss.Radhini Abeysekera initiated this noble activity with the aim of helping Pediatric Oncology patients admitted to National Cancer Institute Maharagama,Sri lanka.

Both Ruvinda  and Radhini are   honor-students and seniors attending Clear Brook High School.

How it started?

On their visit to Sri lanka in 2012 Ruvinda and Radhini had the opportunity to participate in the monthly bodhi puja activity organized by CCA .When they visited the pediatric unit to hand over some donations they got to know the Neupogen was out of stock and parents had to buy it from outside for continuation of therapy till the stocks are available.Up on the request from a poor mother of a ill child they immediately donated the required drug and later they determined to continue their support for these needy kids with the help of CCA. With  many discussions held with CCA and the guidance given by Dr.Samadhi Rajapaksa,Honorable president of CCA and Dr.Iresh Jayaweera a proposal was handed over to CCA-Executive committee for approval.With the approval of  the proposal they worked to set up their website

Revive to Survive ’ and  a initial private donation of US $ 500 was deposited to CCA account in order to donate few vials of neupogen (1vial-Rs.5800 that time).The drugs were handed over to Dr.samadhi rajapakse by a representative from the group.

Followed by their first  fund-raising activity ..

YSLAAH, the Youth group of the Sri Lankan American Association of Houston, organized a garage sale in September, 2012 to raise funds for this project. After numerous hours of organizing and hard work, they pulled off a very successful fundraiser. They also raffled a bicycle as another addition to this event.

Link :

A garage sale

The raised funds will be utilized in the first half of month of January 2012.

Await more details and pictures of activities..

Click for more details

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