Dr.Samadhi Rajapaksa

Dr.Samadhi Rajapaksa initiated cancer care association with the support of Dr.Upul Ekanayake a decade ago.cancercaresl.com164He is working as the current president of the organization  doing an enormous amount of work for the benefit of those affected with Cancer.


No amount of words can express Dr. Samadhi’s irreproachable character and his passion for religion, religious work and caring for the cancer patients. Dr. Samadhi now has made caring for patients and others, his life’s only work. Fully devoted and committed to his charity work and religious activities, he spends most of his time counseling or sitting down with patients, his fellows, meditating and attending to their spiritual needs. This saintly character has brought peace to many struggling lives and touched many hearts with his kindly words and godly actions; there are thousands of green stories to be told. However it’s against his will that we are bringing this short biography.

A past student of Ananda College Colombo, finishing his A/L’s Dr. Samadhi received a scholarship to study medicine at University of Vitebsk. He returned finishing his degree with Honors and appointed as an intern doctor to Anuradhapura. During his two years of work there he realized how much it helped patients to whisper a kind word, a concerned inquiry with personnel attention, in short, a kind listening ear. Then it extended to help the cancer patients and monks who visit the hospital by providing them with refreshments before treating their complaints, since most of these people were travelling from far-off villages. Somehow in 2003, to extend these services in more organized manner, the CCA was born.

Before this, during his early school years he began meditating long hours that he  later became an exceptional practitioner of meditation. It is his experience and skills gained through meditation that he now applies to train patients and his fellows to empower their minds and there by treating them. Apart from this he has reached to a level beyond imagination that only a superior being above him only could explain. Further more Dr.Samadhi is a passionate dancer having learnt many aspects of traditional Sri Lankan and Indian dancing from many top-notch teachers while at school. During his stay at the University, seven years in Europe he trained some of his peers making a group of 20, which they later went on performing in many countries winning many awards. Long after all this he became the batch top at University of Kelaniya, Sri Lanka receiving gold medals for both his Postgraduate Diploma and Masters in Buddhist Philosophy and went up to completion of a PhD.He also completed  Post graduate diplomas in Counselling and Ayurveda Medicine.He got his Palliative Care experience from Kerala,India.

Likewise he is a man with unbelievable talents and capabilities. Above all he’s a man of healing and caring touch with a compassionate heart for the sick and poor. His vision and mission is not an easy one although he continues his work with utmost devotion and commitment. His relations with his patients and service done so far are beyond words ,and we realize that a man of his character naturally pass on to a position with greater power that is seldom unattainable by any other ordinary human being.

Short Biography by: Dr. Ramesh Ratnasabapathy MD updated by Dr.Iresh Jayaweera.


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