A Hospice is a place which provides shelter and medical care free of charge to patients who are terminally ill with cancer in order to promote their spiritual wellbeing with preparation to the final event.

“Generally, hospice is care given to a patient who is in their final stages of life, with emphasis on caring for that person to make their remaining days as comfortable for them as possible. With hospice, there is no work on finding a cure to a person’s illness, but rather comforting them in their final moments. Hospice care is generally available to those patients usually no longer responds to any treatment, so hospice helps to care for a person when medicine is no longer effective.

While the need for hospice can be difficult for a patient or their family members to accept, it is important to remember that hospice is there to help. Its emphasis is on the quality of the patient’s life that matters most. Thus, hospice care is dedicated to provide as much comfort as possible to a patient in the final stage of their illness.

In addition it provides education to family members on how better to care for their loved ones and hospice also offers support for the family who faces eminent loss. Hospice understands the toll that caring for a patient 24 hours a day has on a family and so hospice care can relieve family for a time for much needed rest. For the patient, hospice provides emotional and psychological therapies to them to help accept their illness and issues with dying. Hospice also provides for pain management and any medical prescriptions or supplies the patient might need.

Many people with terminal illnesses are more comfortable in spending their final days at home. Hospice care understands this need and family members too play their part in helping their loved ones. It is extremely beneficial for a patient’s family to be around them and so family is always considered in hospice care. For patients without family, hospice care facilities are essential to ensuring care and comfort to the patient during their illness.

Hospice workers are always medical professionals such as doctors, nurses and trained volunteers. Many times a patient’s hospice team will also include psychologists and members of the clergy.

While anyone considering hospice care can understand the need for it, there is the issue of how. In the case of hospices established by the CAA no payment has to be made.

They are run with donations provided by people and organizations. In this regard you too can contribute either by providing donations or by volunteering to help the needy. How you can lend assistance is mentioned below.

The patients have to obtain a letter from their physicians and or hospital regarding the situation of their medical condition. They would be admitted to the hospice under the directions of relevant Government hospitals or doctors.

Running a network of Hospices Islandwide is no easy task. So you could also help to ensure the final days of these patients remain as comfortable as possible.

CCA  is the only private organization in Sri Lanka to build and maintain a  Hospice for the terminally ill cancer patients free of charge in Anuradhapura district.

CCA  is really proud of announcing the opening of the Hospice at Kurundankulama, Anuradhapura on 15th of June-Poson Poya day 2011.

The project initiated with the vision of Dr.Samadhi Rajapakse and Dr. Upul Ekanayake   cost around 4.5 million Rupees took years of hardworking of the members of the association and the contributions from all over the world including one small Rupee from the poor to millions from those who can.Keys were officially handed over to the  Consultant Oncologist Anuradhapura Hospital and a Casket of Relics of  Thathagatha Samma Sambudhurajananwahanse was taken inside at the auspicious moment.

Handing over of Keys…

Hospice starts its noble function. Care for the terminally ill.

Registration of first patient by Honorable Minister Berty Premalal dissanayake..

Phase II of the Hospice project
•Construction of a Kitchen and Quarters complex at a cost of Rs.1 million, work already started and expected to be finished by next 3months.
•Construction of the 1st floor of the Cancer Care Hospice with  a view of providing accommodation for CCA members who volunteer for patient care.Est. Cost 1milion.
•Construction of a Buddhist shrine room with a Bodhigara for the religious activities of Patients est.cost 1million.
Planting of a sapling from the Jayasiri maha Bo tree at the Hospice premises on 26/03/2012..Please click for more information…


Patients worshiping the sapling from the Jaya sri maha bodhi

Prof.Indrani Munasinghe with the patients.


Have a look from this video footage about the work we have done and first hand experience from the patients.