Cancer Care Association Sri Lanka (CCASL) is a registered (Reg. No: L147405), non-governmental, voluntary organization in Sri Lanka, founded by Dr. Samadhi W. Rajapaksa and Co-founded by Dr. Upul Ekanayake (Consultant Oncologist) in the year 2003. From Its inception, under the inspirational leadership of Dr. Samadhi Rajapaksa, acting well according to its slogan – “Yo gilanan upatteiya so man upatteeiya” – Shakya Muni Buddha (Those who tend to the sick, tend to me), CCASL has conducted many projects focusing primarily on improving the physical and spiritual quality of life, of the Sri Lankan underprivileged cancer patients.

In order to achieve this objective, it has initiated multi faceted campaigns that constitutes of a number of projects, which are tailor-made to cater the various pressing needs of the not-so-affluent cancer patients in Sri Lanka. The relentless efforts of its volunteer base has kept these projects up and running for more than 10 years. Currently all projects conducted by the CCASL falls under 10 major categories, listed below.

  • Hospice Project.
  • Breast Prosthesis project.
  • Drug Project.
  • Organize and conduct cancer awareness programs.
  • Spiritual development Project.
  • Publications.
  • Nutrition.
  • Support for problems arising due to poor socioeconomic status.
  • Home Based Palliative Care Service and training on palliative care for volunteers    and   development of palliative care in Sri Lanka.
  • Research in Non-Communicable Disease.


The CCASL currently operates two branches in Karaptitya and Anuradhapura, other than its Main Branch in Colombo. The Karapitiya branch currently operates around the Cancer Unit of the Karapitiya Teaching Hospital with a set of projects that are tailor-made (but falls under one of the above categories) to replenish its requirements. Other than this, under the guidance of Dr. Samadhi Rajapaksa and Dr. Upul Ekanayake (Consultant Oncologist) the Karapitiya branch of the CCASL was able to initiate Sri Lankas’ first ever Home Based Palliative Care Service (HBPCS) in the Southern Province if the island. The objective of the HBPCS is to bring the relief to their own doorstep for terminally patients who reside in the most remote areas of the island, and are in essential need of Palliative Care during the last days of their life.


Another major project conducted by CCASL is the Hospice Project. Under this, two Hospices has been established in Anuradhpura (Cancer Care Hospice, Kurundankulama) and Vavuniya (Hospice for Head and Neck Cancer Patients), where terminally ill patients can receive the best end-of-life-care free of charge. Preparations are now underway to establish a third Hospice in the Matara District.

Other than the Hospice and Home Based Palliative Care programs, the CCASL conducts many other high-impact projects such as the Neupogen Project, The Cancer Drug Project, Breast Prosthesis Project and The Spiritual Development Project. Thus catering to the many needs of Sri Lankan cancer patients, from providing the required medicine & nutrition, to the spiritual development of their souls, enabling them to withstand the emotional trauma that comes with such a disease. Hence, the CCASL has done and continues to do a monumental service the Sri Lanka cancer patients in making their lives happy and pain free.