Dr. Samadhi wish to thank everyone who participated in the 10.000 oil lamp offering pooja to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Anoma Opticians which was held last Saturday at Sri Vajiragnana Temple – Dharmayatanaya, Maharagama as scheduled. He appreciates the support and effort given by many to make this event a success and announced that the routine weekend Pahan pooja will commence as usual, at the Kelaniya Raja Maha Vihara every Saturday during the month of April.

However the last Saturday- 25th of April will be devoted to monthly Blessing pooja at the Cancer Institute Maharagama that our organizers decided to have the Pahan pooja along with this event to avoid any inconvenience that may cause by overlapping of Poojas at two different places. All these events are subject to further change, but will be updating in advance through this website.

List of events lined up for the month of April will be released shortly.