Paying homage to 28 Lord Buddha’s at Ruwanweliseya Maha Vihara


In accordance with the Ariyamagga Organization Dr. Samadhi has undertaken the responsibility of organizing and direct support in providing essentials for the following two categories of this pooja that is to be held at Ruwanweliseya Maha Vihara on the 27 of June 2009.

  1. Vesak Kudu Aloka Pooja (Lantern offering)

Octagonal Lanterns (Atapattam Vesak Kudu) that will cover the whole vicinity of the Vihara and Lotus shaped Lanterns (Nelum Mal Vesak Kudu) paving the sideways leading to Dagaba will be the main idea and task on this regard- to fulfill this- 3500 Octagonal Lanterns and 84 Lotus shaped lanterns will be made at a cost of 110 Rupees each for an Octagonal Lantern and 140 Rupees a Lotus shaped Lantern.

2.Suwanda Dum pooja (Incense Pooja)

Incense will be offered to each Lord Buddha in a special pot using special scented incense sticks. For this purpose clay pots Banana corks and decorations are required additionally.

Estimated price for one offering – 500 Rupees

People can contribute with long sized incense sticks and other required items for the succession of this pooja event.

These numbers and figures of the whole event is predetermined by Ariyamagga Organization and now been distributed as a handout on a large scale public awareness program. How ever the above two categories are being undertaken by us and now being processed with the help of various parties working with us. We welcome anybody who wishes to make a donation or participate in this event and thereby contributing to the Pooja in general.

Further details of the pooja can be obtained through the following link of Ariyamagga Organization and any inquiry/ contribution related to above two categories can be obtained from Dr. Samadhi on his contacts given on this Web blog.

Ariyamagga Organization