We apologize for the subtle changes made to our April agenda due to New Year festive season and forthcoming elections scheduled on the 25th of this month. The following changes will take place accordingly.

23rd April Distribution of Cakes to patients hospitalized at the National Cancer Institute Maharagama.

25th April– Monthly blessing pooja will be postponed to the 29th due to election day and Pahan Pinkama at Kelani Vihara will proceed in the evening as usual.

29th April– Will be a busy day for CCA members at Cancer Institute Maharagama. A drink made of Sago will be served among patients residing at the Hospice and Bandaranaike ward before breakfast. After that a session of Art therapy has been organized for the indwelling Children, which will commence at 2.30 PM. Our most important Blessing pooja will commence at 4.30PM with the patronage of Maha Sanga attending from Sri Vajiragnana Temple – Dharmayatanaya, Maharagama.

Please be noted!