We at Cancer Care Association often encourage our generous donors to give Sago (Tapioca or pearl balls), King Coconuts (Thambili) and Soap to patients whenever they want to offer an alms giving or a donation to the Cancer Hospital. Those who work with us already know why we prefer these products over other popular items like yoghurt, sweets, biscuits and many other confections. Soap in particular is also our main non edible item that we give away in dozens to patients on our monthly blessing poojas and other intermittent events at the Cancer Institute.

It is clear enough why we, as well as our patients at the Cancer Hospital very much prefer these three things in general compared to other things that they receive on a daily basis. However we thought of making a short explanation as to why patients find these items beneficial, so that our future donors will be aware of the value of their kind contributions.

Most of the patients at Cancer Hospital are bedridden ,immobile, Isolated and shy due to their condition with lack of drive and enthusiasm in their lives, devastated hearing the bad news! Needless to say majority of these patients receive either Radiotherapy or Chemotherapy along with a cocktail of other strong drugs to deal with their condition. This often results in distress and depression, plus whereas Radiotherapy and certain other procedures are concerned these patients are not allowed or prohibited from having contact with water for certain period of time, until deem safe by the doctors.

Consequently with all the drugs and not being able to have occasional baths their bodies are all heated up. Due to this reason patients plead for Sago porridge (Drink) and King Coconut water that usually soothes their body heat. It is a known fact out of many other natural products these two widely available ingredients (in Sri Lanka) have cooling effects and medicinal properties to nourish as well as rejuvenate debilitated and invalid bodies. Thus we highly recommend and practice the trend of offering Sago drink and King Coconut water to patients when there’s no contraindication or unless otherwise.

Soap is an indispensible item of use at the Cancer Hospital. There is no provision of Soap, Shampoo or any other sanitary material given by the government. There are many patients with vomitus, catheters, oozing lesions, wounds and malodorous conditions requiring frequent cleaning and washing. Having such conditions patients are even over concerned with their cleanliness and how they smell; as a result there is a high consumption of soap and soap like products at any hospital. Thus we always find happiness in giving away soap to patients and we highly advocate of this practice.

Dr. Samadhi always digging deep into things, looking at our work in a more religious perspective has said on many occasions regarding the benefits and effects of this kind of merciful charity work  affecting our present life and the life beyond (Afterlife). He is also vigilant over as to why we do it? why we have to do it? what are we gaining from it? and many other things that we, as ordinary human beings fail to see. However it is in his context that we found out giving away soap, soap like items, and fragrances (in past lives) resulted in our lord Buddha to have an immaculate skin that will not retain dirt (An exceptional quality out of 32 distinct other features of lord Buddha). Also it is our solemn belief as Buddhists those good deeds as to what we do at Cancer Care will follow us until one attains Nirvana (Nibbana).

Sabbe Sattā sukhi hontu- May all beings be happy!