We wish to thank everybody who helped us and gave their support in many ways to succeed our month of April program. Routinely we bless our members and our regular participants known to us along with Dr. Samadhi’s family, family friends and other known associates in a circle attending all our religious and charity work.

Our foremost and deep gratitude goes to the Venerable Maha Sanga at Sri Vajiragnana Temple –“Dharmayatanaya”, Maharagama and all other Venerable Maha Sanga for their devout service. It is in their blessings and guidance we are prone to success in everything we do.

We are so deeply in debt to the staff and members of the Cancer Institute Maharagama plus the Hospice for their support in organizing these events focused on cancer patients.

The Hospice and the Bandaranaike wards were graced by the presence of students from “Saradharma Sangamaya” (Association for good moral conduct) of Science College- Mt.Lavinia. We wish to thank the principal, all  teachers and students for their service and their large donation of food items to our patients. We will bring a full report of this event in the future on this web blog, till then please accept our sincere gratitude.

We are reminiscent of our generous donors, earnestly blessing them on each and every occasion of religious importance. A special thought of blessing and a very big thanks go to an anonymous individual who surprised us with a substantial fiscal donation to our bank account on the 8th of April. We are overwhelmed of your humble generosity and our solemn wish may the samsara be short for you!

Thank you and bless you all who visit our website and being with us in your thoughts, likewise you all are in our thoughts spreading Meththa universally.

May is an important month for Buddhists celebrating the most revered Vesak festival falling on the 09th according to the Buddhist calendar. Our current schedule in general is as follows which is highly subject to further change. We have included all the events that have significance to us with direct or indirect involvement of members of CCA  or Dr. Samadhi.

1st May– Launch of whitewashing the Thuparama Dageba at Anuradhapura with the generous contribution of lime made by Dr. Samadhi. Several members of the CCA will join this event to paint the Stupa.

2nd May– A well-known public even at Isipathanarama Temple -the exhibit of sacred relics of Lord Buddha and his direct disciples organized by Damrivi Foundation.

3rd May–  Sago Porridge will be served among patients at the Hospice and the Bandaranaike wards in the morning. Cancer Hospital Avrudu Uthsavaya will  take place later on.

7th May– Pudding will be distributed among patients at the Hospice and Bandaranaike wards in Cancer Institute Maharagama.

9th May– A display of sacred relics of Lord Buddha will be held at Jayathunga Yogashrama Temple in Nawinna following the Vesak sil program.

A  Kadala Dansala will be held at Sri Dalada Maligawa- Kandy (Temple of Tooth relic) in accordance with the Vesak festival.

Vesak program will be organized at the Cancer Hospital with the patronage of CCA. Further details of this event will be available in due course.

16th May– Offering of King Coconut Water to Patients at the Cancer Institute and the Hospice

17th May– Lunch alms giving and monthly blessing pooja will be held at Cancer hospital premises. Await further details on this event!

All other events will be integrated accordingly to the same page as they arrive ; therefore please don’t forget to re visit  for amendments at short notice.