On the 30th of April a special group of visitors arrived at the Hospice complex at National Cancer Institute Maharagama.  A group of students and teachers in-charge of Saradharma Sangamaya (Association for good moral  conduct) of Science College, Mt.Lavinia made it their venue to set another good example of compassion and humanity. They also took this opportunity to give out a loud message to other colleagues of their school as well as the country.  This event was coordinated by CCA on a request made by a member of the college staff working with Saradharma Sangamaya. It is our policy as well as our vigor, allowing such willing individuals to serve wholeheartedly as long as their intentions are genuine and of benefit to the patients. We bring this short story highlighting few important moments of the whole event.

When this group arrived with their teachers including Ven. Maha Sanga of the school it was right time for breakfast. They were formally received by the members of CCA and the Hospice Senior staff. Before commencing any work students were assembled for religious observance followed by a short sermon delivered by the school priest himself. Few able patients also sat down for this short discourse that ended with formal blessing and a reminder of the work that is to be done.

Students arrived with a large bucket of prepared Sago porridge to be served among patients. It was served accordingly between sections of the Hospice that savored many who could take food by mouth. It was the breakfast for many others who could only take liquid and on a soluble diet. Others who are unable to neither eat nor gulp by mouth were busy pouring this drink into their tubes (NG tubes) running through their noses to stomach. Everybody enjoyed this without hesitation.

Following this, students volunteered in various work to be done at the vicinity. Some came foreword to clean the wards by wiping and dusting the windows and other areas suggested by the ward staff. Another group participated in doing the curtaining attached to beds, and cleaning the nurses’ quarters. Before lunch it was the time for patients to attend their personal hygiene; students helped debilitated patients by soaping and washing them and also grooming them with Talc and Au de Cologne. At 11 o’clock a round of King Coconut water was served among patients to ease their thirst which they like the most.

The School has collectively arranged an excess of confections and toiletries to be distributed among patients; and this was also given to patients prior to lunch.  A Van full of Soap, Milk Powder and other nutritional supplements were later handed over to the office to be stocked for patients use.  Other excess of Soap was handed over to CCA to be circulated later as suitable. The large bucket that carried the Sago was also donated to the Hospice for their appropriate use.

Event became to an end after students helping with the distribution of lunch. After that a small talk on cancer and a Vote of Thanks was delivered by Dr. Samadhi. He made it apparent to students the consequences of smoking, consuming alcohol, chewing Beetle leaf and eating junk food like Hamburgers and Chips with live examples. After all it was educating with hands on experience. He reminded the students to stand against bad habits, to stay on the safe side and the value of good work they have done today. In conclusion the school priest thanked and blessed everyone who helped in the whole process and making this event a success.

We wish to thank the Principal of Science College Mt.Lavinia for allowing these students to participate in this extra curricular activity on a school day. Our sincere gratitude goes to all members of the staff including Venerable Maha Sanga, parents and students for collecting an excess of food items and toiletries for the patients. A special word of appreciation goes to teachers in charge and members of the Saradharma Sangamaya for adopting such activities into their mission and thereby setting good examples for many others. Our solemn wish may your Association be able to do more work like this in the future and blessings (merits) gained through such work to be a strength and force in your individual lives. Finally we wish to inform that we are more than happy to accommodate your association again on such a program any time that is convenient to you.

We brought this story not to simply thank everyone for their lending hand but to give an important message of value and significance. People can really help if they really want to. There is an enormous joy in doing things like this. These are the things that a person can be really happy of what ever said and done at the end of the day, and such deeds are sure to be rewarding and memorable. Thus we encourage, invite the younger generation of this country to involve more in these kinds of work and get to know what life really is.