We had our routine Pahan Pooja at Kelani Vihara last Saturday (20th)  celebrating the event of fulfilling  50.000 mustard oil lamp offering to Kelani Vihara Stupa. Consecutively we were offering 500 oil lamps every Saturday weekend for the past few years blessing the nation, patients and everyone attending this event.  This Pooja event is usually graced by the presence of Dr. Samadhi along with members of the family and attended by members of CCA and a large number of devout individuals closely associating Dr. Samadhi.

Apart from the enormous importance of fulfilling the number of oil lamps lightened something extraordinary also took place on this day. Beloved grandmother of Dr.Samadhi who came along for the pooja passed away at the Vihara premises at the age of 78. This was indeed a peaceful death witnessed by many and that surprised many more. However it is not worthy to grieve such a magnificent death.His grandmother a devoted social worker and a true practicing Buddhist, has always lead a religious and a righteous life. She has lend her hand in many occasions and contributed time and wealth to CCA work from the beginning. We all used to treat her as our own grandmother and we will be surly missing her in our future work. But in her absence we will not forget to convey all the merits  gaining through our routine work.

Finally all we can say and wish Mrs. R.M.K. Alice Nona is “May Samsara be short and may you attain Nibbana”

Funeral rights took place last Monday with the participation of everybody known to the family, members of the staff and CCA. On behalf of Dr.Samadhi , members of the CCA wish to thank everyone who helped in many ways and took time to pay respects to Mrs. R.M.K Alice Nona at her residence in Mahalwarawa Pannipitiya.

Idha nandati pecca nandati – katapuňňo ubhayattha nandatiPuňňam me katan ti nandati – bhiyyo nandati suggatim gato

“The man who performs good deeds is happy in this world and the next. He is happy in both worlds. He feels happy at the thought: “Good have I done”. He will be the happier when born in a blissful state ( Dhammapada, Yamaka Vagga : 18).”