We wish to apologize again for not being able to update our activities on our web blog for the month of June due to many practical reasons. Although we were active as usual with our charity work at the Cancer Institute as well as with our other main religious activities. In our hiatus on-line there were many important events held routine to CCA and its members in and out of Cancer Institute.

We had our monthly blessing pooja on the 9th of June with number of eminent members of the Maha Sanga attending the event. We also took this occasion to felicitate one of our most generous members and donors Mr. Vincent Soyza & Mrs. Pathma Soyza (along with their children and grandchildren)for their kind contribution of 4 million rupees made few years ago to CCA that made the Oxygen facility of the surgical unit at National Cancer Institute Maharagama. This donation has helped the future generation of patients to breathe in peacefully after surgery and pumping life into gasping dying patients. The event was indeed a success to relieve many patients and visitors that ended with usual chanting of Sutras and Seth Pirith and ward rounds made by the Maha Sanga. We will bring you this event in detail with photos shortly.

Our long waited pooja event “Maha Pooja at Ruwanweli Seya” will take place during this coming weekend at Anuradhapura. We members of the CCA are all geared up for the task of fulfilling our duties handed over to us by the Ariyamagga Organization. Therefore we members will be leaving to Anuradhapura during the course of this week to carryout our responsibilities. We are happy to inform that we were able to reach our given target of collecting Octagonal and Lotus shaped lanterns. Dr.Samadhi has so far collected 100000 incense sticks to be offered at the pooja and our members are busy with the process of soaking and applying these sticks with an additional layer of sandalwood essence before taking them to Anuradhapura.

We wish to remind (give final notice) our readers and the members kindly to attend this rare maha pooja event that will be held on the 27th and 28th of June at Ruwanweliseya Maha Stupa Premises. All are welcome to witness and take part in this event wholeheartedly.

Even with many obstacles and difficulties we are trying our best to reach our readers and members over this web blog. We are an active group involved with much other work apart from the charity work that we always prioritize. Sometimes it is difficult to update promptly and we enormously regret that. We have many stories to tell and let our religious portion of the society to gain merits over these things that we do. Something’s we do simply cannot be explained by words or we are overwhelmed with what we have witnessed and done. However we ask our readers to stick with us and bare up the delays pertaining to our website. May all beings be happy , healthy and free of fear and illness!