Mr. Nimal Sonnadara is a close associate of Cancer Care Association as well as Dr. Samdhi. He has helped many cancer Patients to over come their illness by his expert relaxation techniques. A great yogi and a gifted master in meditational relaxation methods many patients have in fact completely recovered from cancer. Apart from this he’s a devoted practicing Buddhist involved with many meritful activities individually and with our group working with Dr. Samadhi.

It is on his invitation that we were invited to visit Polgasduwa a small island hermitage in Dodanduwa, 104 km from Colombo and about 5 km south of the seaside resort of Hikkaduwa. Our task was to help make the ceiling of Yogi Monk’s Kuti (The dwelling of a hermit monk belonging to Theravada forest tradition).  This invitation was originally made to Dr. Samadhi and due that he had two major pooja events in Colombo two of us were asked to partake in this extremely meritorious work (Act).

However this Hamuduruwo (monk) was previously introduced to us by a circle of individuals out of the ordinary. We too find this Swaminwahnse (monk) an individual out of the ordinary. However these hermit monks hardly come out to the society except for Pindapatha (alms-bowl) and it is also a rare scene to see these monks taking the same road twice. So we were so eager to get there and help with amending the dwelling of Arya Maha Sanga.

Island only could be reached by a small boat. Two Islands situated close to each other which Polgasduwa is the famous and bigger of the two, but our work was at the smaller one where only one Swaminwahnse (Monk) so known to us is residing at the moment.

When we arrived at the place we loaded our belongings and all the carpentry and hardware into the boat. It’s a short ride from land to this isolated island. Usually tourists or any other folks will be not allowed in to the isle that will hinder the meditation of monks and yogi’s.

We stayed there for two days working day and night fixing the ceiling of the Kuti. Some might wonder why you need a ceiling for a hermit monk meditating all the time. This was answered and explained by the Swaminwhanse himself on a sermon delivered during the day break. It is said and documented in Tripitaka by Lord Buddha when meditating it is ideal for a person to be in a climate, a temperature equal to his  surroundings or an environment which is not too humid and hot or too cold to meditate. Keeping in mind this reason alone that we placed a ceiling on this Maha Sanga’s Kuti so that he can meditate without extreme heat coming directly from the roof at day time and also he will be much safer from any animals’ or rodents entering from the roof.

Everybody was involved in something from painting hardboards, and completing missing bits and pieces of the Kuti complex. Only the basics were allowed to fix nothing more nothing less.  Swaminwahnse only wanted some shelter suitable for meditation, he never ordered us to put hardboard or to get it painted. This all was done on Mr. Sunil Sonnadaras discretion.

While this being done our lunch and dinner was supplied by the people known to us coming from Colombo and from Hikkaduwa taking their valuable time to prepare it and deliver it to the Island. We were overwhelmed with joy to finish this task and return home after two days while many Sri Lankans were enjoying liberation and freedom ending the 30 decade war.

We members of the CCA wish to thank Mr. Nimal Sonnadara for taking us and Dr. Samadhi for guiding us and explaining the value of such work. Us we learnt and experienced things beyond ordinary. To be with people out of the ordinary is to experience things extra ordinary. Our Sraddha improved and our knowledge of Nirvana was polished by Swaminwahnse’s overnight sermon. We believe our Samsara got little shorten by this window of opportunity.