Being the most common cancer among females in Sri Lanka Breast Cancer has left thousands of Sri Lankan Woman in despair with everlasting cosmetic defects. Event the few lucky patients to survive with breast cancer end up with either partially or totally resected breasts that will leave a scar as well as an empty chest with huge emotional burden. A breast being an important part of female physique a traumatised or disfigured female chest has an enormous impact on the patient as well as people closely associating the victim.

Although these breasts are being taken out surgically as a life saving measure, to reconstruct a breast surgically is rather expensive as well as an impractical thing in cancer patients. Even with such possibility Silicone Breast Prosthetics and such Plastic surgery is way too expensive for Sri Lankan patients.

Taking these reasons in to consideration CCA started its Breast Prosthesis Bra campaign on the 19th June 2008. Since its initiation CCA has given 855 Braziers to deserving patients from Anuradhapura, Kandy and across the country.  One bra costs 250 SL Rupees to Cancer Care Association and we now have spent almost 215.000 Rupees on giving away these breast prosthetics.

With the commencement of this project Mrs. Anoma Wijesuriya Managing Directress of Anoma Opticians donated us with the first contribution of 50.000 Rupees. After that we have been keeping up with the service  on generous contributions made by various parties and individuals. Among many other kind donations CEB (Ceylon Electricity Board) staff contributes to this project every month.

The bra of hope