Once diagnosed with Cancer among many other problems burden of buying drugs is placed on the patient or patients’ family.  Most of the latest drugs used for Chemo and Hormonal therapy are not being supplied by the government or even if they are supplied, due to stock shortages these patients have to depend on private sector stocks for the continuation of therapy. Unlike other pharmaceuticals, drugs used for cancer patients are way too expensive and used for longer periods or else throughout life.

Poor people come to National Cancer Institute from around the country. Most of these people find it difficult to afford their common Paracetamol tablet or Vitamin C prescribed to them. Whenever there is a request made we try our best to get their prescription depending on the available funds. But we have never failed to help the deserving individuals whose survival depends on our generosity. Being one of our prioritized projects we have spent the following amount of money on down mentioned pharmaceutics and few more thousand rupees spent unaccounted on emergencies delivering drugs without delay.

List and cost of drugs given away by CCA

Vincristin                               28,500

Metrogel                               15,000

Methotroxate                       26,000

Tregederm                           40,000

Serofluxane                         64,000

Arimiex                                90,000

Merceptopurine                 42,750

Candid V3 V6                    67,797

And many other drugs unaccounted for money but counted for saving lives.