Our monthly Bhodipooja Pinkama will take place on the 29th at our usual venue inside National Cancer Institute-Maharagama. This event, like many other times will proceed after lunch alms giving to all cancer patients at the hospital.  It is worthy to notify that we will take this opportunity to display the Casket (Karanduwa) of Mahiyangana Raja Maha Vihara that was newly built for the purpose of storing Lord Buddha Relics of the temple as well as parading the annual Perahera.

This rare opportunity of making a new casket (karanduwa) was received by Dr. Samadhi couple of weeks ago and now upon fulfillment, we will take this occasion to give the chance to our patients to pay homage to this Karanduwa at hands distance before officially returning it to the temple. We will bring a separate article on the Karanduwa later on this website.