We bring our month of September events amidst many shortcomings in maintaining this web blog. However we will try our best to keep our valuable visitors of this site updated and informed.

The following events will take place during this month accordingly. It is also noteworthy to inform that during the long hiatus of our activities on this website we have been involved with many religious and charity work. We will bring them one by one shortly.

Our diary for September

4th 5th 6th September – The new Sacred Relics Casket (Karanduwa) was handed over to chief incumbent of Mahiyangana Raja Mahavihara for the parading of annual Maha Perehara in Mahiyangana. Also our members paid homage to Somawathi Maha Seya on their way back to Colombo.

9th September – Donation of 25.000 Rs. to the Dental Unit of National Cancer Institute

13th September- A meditation program organized at Parappuduwa island hermitage in Polgasduwa, Hikkaduwa.

19th September – Annual Pirith Pinkama (Chanting of Pariitas) at National Cancer Institute will take place.

20th September – Lunch alms giving to patients at National Cancer Institute.

23rd September- Monthly Bhodi Pooja Pinkama will take place at our routine venue in Cancer Hospital. This pooja begins at 4.30 PM with the patronage of Maha Sanga.

26th September- planting a seedling of Ananda Bhodi tree at Amithirigala hospital premises.

All inquires can be made through the contacts available on this website or commenting on this posting.