Our sincere gratitude goes to Mr. Dayan Witharana and Mrs. N.L Bandararanayake for their respective monetary donations of Rs 181000.00 and Rs 200000.00 made to Cancer Care Association recently. It is with great appreciation and gratification that we remind of your goodwill and patronage rendered to us by this contribution which is highly valued by not only we members of the CCA; but ultimately by many Cancer Patients benefitting from such kind donations.

We also like to remind many others who help us in whatever the small ways that they can to continue our work. An ever-increasing number need help desperately and its kind people like Mr. Dayan Witharana and Mrs. N.L Bandaranayake that respond to need and manage-even in these hard days-to run our non sectarian charity for cancer patients in Sri Lanka.

Your earnest contribution will multiply by thousand fold in the assistance it gives to a Cancer Patient. Thereby you will also be rewarded in an unimaginable way for your benevolence. Finally on behalf of all the Cancer Patients and Dr. Samadhi, we members of the Cancer care Association wish to acknowledge your contribution and to remind you that you have done something that is of great value. May the Triple Gem always bless you and these acts of rightness and virtue bring you health, luck, prosper and longevity to fulfill your ideals.