As the second Puja pinkama organized by the CCA-Karapitiya branch around 20 cancer patients along with the devoted CCA members visited Yatagala Purana Raja Mahaviharaya on 15 th of September 2011.

Famous for its powerful ancient Bo tree,which is one of  very first 32 descendent from the Jaya Sri Maha Bo tree (Considered as a Dethis Pala Ruha Tree), the temple is situted on a beautiful mountaintop just off Unawatuna Galle Sri Lanka.

Main events…

Suwanda Puja, Offerings of Nelum and varoius other flowers,Ashtapana gilanpasa,Kapruk Puja for the bodhi as well as for the pagoda,Meditation program with and Chanting of Pirith were done with the guidance of Dr.Samadhi Rajapakse. Village members  were also participated for the meritorious activity.A” dansela” was organized by the CCA for the participants.

Some of the important events…

A King Kobra (Naga) who is said to be a resident of the ancient bo tree was seen outside on the floor during the chanting of Pirith with no harm to the devotees.

Theruwan Saranii!