As we all know Spiritual development is essential for the patients who are disabled by Cancer. Sometimes it is the only relief for the patients who are terminally ill.

But Unfortunately Cancer patients of the caner unit, Teaching Hospital, Karapitiya   don’t have a proper place to do Buddhist religious activities at the moment. And CCA cannot organize Bodhi Puja and other meritorious activities involving patients inside the hospital like we do at Maharagma. This is the reason for selecting Yatagala Raja Maha Vihara and Rumassala Japan Peace Pagoda for the initial religious activities involving patients.

And now with generous contribution from the members CCA is building a shrine room (Budu Medura) for them. Expected cost is around Half a Million Rupees.

Mr.Sarath de Silva (Owner of Edwins Studio) is the main donor in this highly meritorious activity.The project is expected to be finished by Mid November.

A samadhi buddha statue will be brought down from colombo with due respect and honor with the guidance from Dr.Samadhi Rajapakse.

Ongoing Construction...
A white color Statue will be placed in the Shrine Room

It would be greatly appreciated if you could make a generous donation for this highly meritorious activity for the benefit of the Cancer patients.

Please contact CCA.

Theruwan Sarani!