The members of the CCA get together every month for this noble activity.Intention is only to care for the sick,just following our motto,as said by Lord buddha.

In return our members get the chance to improve their qualities including the mettha,karuna and muditha.

What we do?

We go near the fathers and mothers who are ill with Cancer,and have a friendly chat with them.Then we ask how we can help them.

They might ask…

For a haircut or a clean shave.

To cut short their nails.

To give them a bath.

Clean and Arrange their cupboards.

Wash their clothes.

Or some other simple request like make them a Tea etc.

Our members will full fill their request with utmost respect and care.

And finally we will donate some essential items like soap etc.

Nails done

And finally the group dispersed with a lot of happiness and peace of mind thinking about the noble service.

This happens once a month at Teaching hospital karaptiya — Cancer unit.

Date will be notified later.Any one can participate with their labor/money/dry rations etc.

Theruwan saranii

By Dr.Iresh Jayaweera