CCA Karapitiya branch organized its January activity at Kachchiwatta Ancient temple Galle,the most popular religious place for the Buddhists in and around Galle.It is an ancient temple with a Famous Katharagama and Vishnu devala.

The puja activity was conducted by Dr.Samadhi Rajapakse and there were around 250 participants.Around thirty cancer patients were present from the cancer unit teaching hospital karapitiya.

Puja activity… a bodhi and chaitya Vandana (Thesaththa Ghana Puja) with a lot of flowers,Ashtapana, and Gilanpasa for each of the 73 described Ghana of  Gauthama Lord Buddha.Also Suwanda Puja,Kapruk Kodi puja for the sacred Bodhiya and the Pagoda.

Also chanting of pirith-Bojjanga Sutta for the good health  and fast recovery of patients was done.

Finally A short Guided Meditation Session follwed by refreshments for the participants.