Cancer care association will be organizing Anurapura Vandana 2012 for its membership,from 29 June to 1st of July 2012.

The event is organized to allow members to worship Anuradhapura in well arranged manner with special puja activities,in order to develop ‘shraddha’ and give them a chance to practice meditation which in return generate an inavluable    amount of Kusal.

A total crowd of more than 200 including 100 people from Karapitiya joined by members of Colombo and Anuradhapura expected to participate on these days.Event is organized by CCA under the perview of Honorable Dr.Samadhi Rajapakse and Dr.Upul Ekanayake.And Puja activity will be done by Dr.Samadhi Rajapakse.

Activity Plan

29th 4.00 am Leave from Homagama

3.00 pm Atamashthan Vandana

30th 4 am  Preparation of Kiripindu Dana

Kiripindu Puja....

6 am Kiripindu Puja ,Observe Sil and Chanting,Mediation near Jayasri

Maha Bodhi.

Jaya Siri Maha Bodhi…Anuradhapura


2 pm Preperation of Dethismahapurusa Lakshana- Medicinal herbs

mixture with chanting of Bojjanga Sutta

4 pm Puja activity near Ruwanweli pagoda,planning to offer the Medicinal Mixture in 32 Pathra(Containers) to Lord buddha.Also Kapruk kodi Puja for the pagoda.Chanting and meditation

Ruwanweli Pagoda at dusk…

Anyone who wants to participate either can join CCA or participate individually to Puja activities.

For further information,donations please contact

Kiripindu dana

CCA 0113155229

Galle branch 0775696000

Theruwan Sarani!

Mirisawetiya Pagoda