By Dr.Iresh Jayaweera

Dear blog viewers,sorry for the long delay in updating the cancercaresl blog.

CCA has a sub committee for Cancer awareness and health education.A program for cancer prevention and to increase awareness of the general public was held on the Sunday the 29th of July at Wethara.Event was organized with the help of Bodhu Pubudu organization a local body in the area.

Increasing awareness is always help to prevent cancer as well as early detection which in turn help to cure the deadly disease.With the above aim our president Honorable Dr.Samadhi Rajapakse chaired the program.Around 100 people participated for the program with representations from various organizations like Mahila samithiya etc.

A lecture followed by a discussion delivered by our president..

Main points highlighted,

Life style changes for the prevention of cancer-Stop smoking and beetle chewing etc,Stop use of artificial chemicals for food preparation,value of becoming a vegetarian and the re-introduce the traditional life style of ancient sri lanka.

Effects of Passive  smoking and environmental pollution.

Main types of cancer and the causes and how to avoid.

And beetle as the main cause of oral cancer,and removal of aricanut and tobacco from the the dehath vattiya in religeous activities to protect venerable monks.Aricanut is widely used by beetle chewers now considered as a cancerous food.

How to do self screening for breast cancer.And the importance of the well woman clinic and the pap smear.

Leaflets were distributed among the participants and reading materials/booklets were donated to the local organizations. Chief incumbent monk of the local temple was present at the event,and he highly valued the activity.

Also the social and moral values mentioned in the  Dr.Samadhi’s Lecture was hi lighted.

Here are some of the captions…

Theruwan sarani!