This highly meritorious activity was organized by members of CCA  with the guidance of  Honorable Dr.Samadhi Rajapakse.Despite the merits,Improving the qualities of the membership and blessing the cancer patients were the main objectives.

Situated in the deep south/Giruwa Paththuwa the Kiri Vehera is considerd the most important place of worship in the southern province of Sri Lanka.Being a solosmasthanaya the place became sacred by the presence of lord buddha himself with 500 arhats during the third visit to Sri Lanka.The pagoda was built by the King Mahasena and dates back to 3rd century BC.In addition to the numerous sacred relics deposited  the legend says that the sword that prince Siddhattha cut his hair off at the time of his renunciation is deposited in this stupa.

Main Puja activities…

Kirivehera vandana..

Suwanda Puja

Dethis maha purushalakshana puja–Meicinal Herbal drink was offered to the pagoda in 32 pathra.The gilanpasa was prepared with 32 medicinal herbs with chanting of sutta with an enormous sraddha.

Kapruk Puja

Offerings of Fruits.

Vandana and meditation.

Day 2

Kiripindu puja along with Kevily puja.

Ashtapala bodhi vandana.

Here are some of the captions…


May all of you get the Merits…

Theruwan sarani