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"Whoever would tend to me, should tend to the sick."- Lord Buddha


Cancer Care Association Sri lanka

Caner Care Association is a NGO devoted for Cancer Patients Physical and Mental well being.The group consists entirely of volunteers that follow lord Buddha's teachings for patient care.

“ĀUBO” for Pediatric Cancer Patients

“ĀUBO” (Long Life) An art exhibition of oil & watercolor paintings, dedicated to create awareness and raise funds for the chemotherapy port project for children with cancer conducted by Contemporary Artist Nisansala Karunaratne Rajapaksa.  It will be at Lionel Wendt Art Gallery on 2nd  and 3rd  of June 2018.


ĀUBOWAN  (May You Have a Long Life)

Nisansala K. Rajapaksa is a renowned Artist, who has dedicated her time and effort to help cancer patients. She has dedicated her 5th solo art exhibition “ĀUBO” to create awareness and raise funds for the Chemotherapy Port Project for Pediatric Cancer Patients, conducted by Cancer Care Association Sri Lanka. CCA hopes to create a dedicated fund to support cancer patients in need of chemotherapy ports, with special focus on children with cancer.

The Chemotherapy Port Project

Patients that receive chemotherapy can undergo a thinning of their veins. As a consequence, locating the veins to inject medicine and draw blood can become very difficult, even for qualified medical personnel. Hence, they may have to stab repeatedly, even over 20 times in some cases, to locate the vein especially when the veins have become very thin. Delivering medicine in the correct dosage to thinned veins is also challenging. This situation is augmented for pediatric cancer patients, as their veins are already tiny and fragile.

The chemotherapy port is a pain-free and efficient solution for this issue. It is a small disc about the size of a rupee coin that is inserted beneath the skin of the patient by a minor surgery. A thin tube called a catheter then connects the port to a vein in the body. Then a special needle that connects to the port can be used to deliver chemotherapy medicines to the patient, as well as to draw blood for tests.

The CCASL hopes to donate a minimum of one chemotherapy port per month to a needy cancer patient (especially children). The cost per port is aprox. Rs. 60 000/=, with an aprox. cumulative cost of Rs. 1,400,000/= per year.
Chemotherapy port usage

About The Artist

Nisansala K Rajapaksa is a contemporary artist who has held four solo exhibitions in Sri Lanka and in the USA.  She is the owner of the Casa Serena Art Gallery. With her nature inspired work, the artist brings harmony and positivity through color and form. Her theme for this exhibition is “ĀUBO”, referring to long life.

The death and pain of a human without proper medical care is often a grim reality, and a failure on the part of the society. With each death, especially the death of a child, we lose the future creativity, energy and brilliance he or she could have brought into our world. With the theme of “ĀUBO” the artist hopes to express the worthiness of saving and cherishing every single life that we can.


Please help Cancer Care Association to make this project a success.

The cost to conduct this project is: Rs. 600,000/=

Target amount for fundraising: Rs. 1,200,000/=

How you can sponsor:

  • Direct sponsorships.
  • Buying paintings.
  • Matching the price of paintings – when a painting is sold to any buyer, you would donate the equal amount to the Chemotherapy Project.

Each Chemotherapy Port will be a chance at life for a cancer patient. Each one will give a patient freedom from pain. Both of these are the greatest gifts you can give to a fellow human being.

The gift of “ĀUBO”

“Nil Diyawara” by Karunarathne Divulgane

In aid of the Cancer Care Hospice and the Palliative Care Trust, the Cancer Care Association Sri Lanka organizes “Nil Diyawara” by Karunarathne Divulgane, a musical evening for the classical music lovers.
It will be held at the Bishops College Auditorium on 3rd September 2016 at 6.30 p.m. All funds raised during this event will be utilized for the functions of the Cancer Care Hopsice in Kurundankulama, Anuradhapura and for the functions of the Palliative Care Trust.
All in persue of merits are warmly welcome to attend this event and lend their hands in making the lives of the Sri Lankan cancer patients, happy and pain free.
Tickets: Kamani Hettiarachchi – 071 472 1588, Sarasavi – Nugegoda, Mithsala – Maharagama and at the gates.
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Cancer Care Association Sri Lanka AGM 2016.

The AGM of the Cancer Care Association Sri Lanka, was held on 11th June 2016 at Committee Room E of BMICH.

The event was decorated with many noble and guests and members of the CCASL. The audited financial report for the year 2015/2016, the progress report for the year 2015/2016 and the theme song of the CCASL was presented during this event.

The event concluded with the subsequent appointment of the new committee for 2016/2017.

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Cancer Care Association @Visaka Avurudu Pola – 2016

Cancer Care Association Sri Lanka held its first ever stall at Visaka Avurudu Pola on April 2nd 2016.

It was an immense success where we were able raise funds to full fill the spiritual, nutritional and medicinal needs of the needy cancer patients of Sri Lanka and also to raise awareness about cancer care and palliative care activities conducted by CCASL, among the general public.

The stall was conducted under the theme of eradicating cancer via healthy food habits. Hence, items such as organic traditional rice varieties, spices, homemade food and drink were the mainstay at the event.

It was a fun filled event and our volunteers were seen having fun and enjoying it to the fullest while working their hearts out to raise funds and raise awarness for this worthy cause.

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Thāla Suwathā (තාල සුවතා) in aid of Cancer Care Association Sri Lanka, by Ravibandu-Samanthi Dance Academy

“Thāla Suwathā (තාල සුවතා)”, the Annual Event of the Cancer Care Association Sri lanka will be held at the at the Bishop’s College Auditorium, on Saturday, the 26th September at 6.30p.m.

The event consists of rare and traditional dancing, drumming and performing arts items by the renowned Ravibandu Samanthi Dance Academy.

The funds collected will be fully utilized for the welfare of the cancer patients through many projects in the form of donation of drugs, donation of breast prosthesis, Hospice & and Home Based Palliative Care and the spiritual development of cancer patients.

We cordially invite all who are in search of merits to join hands with us for this noble cause, to feel the beat of drums and the rhythmic vibes to heal countless hearts !!!

Tickets Available at – Sarasavi Bookshop, Nugegoda.
Sadeepa Bookshop, Borella.
Paradise Restaurant, Thimbirigasyaya.
(near Buddhist Cultural Center)
Please Contact – 071 472 1588, 077 267 87160, 0778763782 for more information.


TV media sponsor - Thala Suwatha 2015
TV media sponsor – Thala Suwatha 2015
Thala Suwatha - Radio Media Sponsor
Radio Media Sponsor – Thala Suwatha 2015

Opening of Cancer Care Hospice Second stage

CCA raised funds to complete its second stage of the Cancer Care hospice kurundankulama. With lot of hard efforts and events of fund raising activities under the guidance of Hon.Dr.Samadhi Rajapakse CCA was able to complete the project.

Upper floor with a capacity of 20 patients was completed.When the hospice starts its full function it will be one of the biggest hospice in south east asia.

To give merits to the people who donated for the project and for the benefit of inward patients CCA organized a Pirith pinkama and a pindapatha dane/alms giving with the participation of about 140 monks from different area’s of the country.Event was well organized and patients were so happy to get involved in the spiritual activity.

Here are some of the captions from the event..for your merits…


 We need beds and other necessary items for the newly completed floor,…

Please contact




Annual general meeting 2014

Dear members/well wishers,

Cancer care Associations annual general meeting for year 2014 will be held on 24th June 2014 at New auditorium of National Institute of Education (NIE),Maharagama at 1.30 pm.

We have already posted letters to the members and there will be paper advertisements during this week.

Last years progress report and audited  accounts will be presented and election of new office bearers for 2014/2015 will take place on this.

I here by invite you all for this occasion to extend support towards this noble cause.

New member can get membership applications on this day.

theruwan sarani!

Dr.Iresh Jayaweera

Hon Secretary


Please contact 0773409787/0773557123 for inquiries


Cancer Care Hospice documentary

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