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Needless to say, like any other charity organization we depend on generous contributions made by well-wishers, philanthropists and benevolent individuals. Therefore we welcome donations from anyone for our welfare and charity work at the hospital and the hospice. Whatever the way you help us, monetary or material it will be a definite asset to the deserving, underprivileged and unfortunate diseased patients. However our service and attention is unbiased and universal, if someone is sick he or she will be our utmost concern, other details immaterial.

Ways of Helping Us.

Join CCA today, the membership offers you:

  • Opportunities to meet interesting, creative and caring people who share the common interest to serve the sick and poor cancer patients.
  • Participation in special religious (Pooja) events that will benefit both members as well as the ill.
  • To celebrate your birthday, wedding anniversary, and memorials in an exceptionally meritorious and meaningful way.
  • Ultimately to get the rare chance of personally attending and caring for the patients.

Or by donating:

  • Soap, Shampoo, Eau De Cologne, Cream, Talc or any other sanitary item.
  • Food items like Biscuits, Chocolate, Malted drinks ,Milk powders and Fruit Juices.
  • Clothing material like pillow cases, bed sheets and pillows
  • Pirikara items for monks.
  • Any other item that is appropriate and in demand.

Monetary donations can be forwarded to:

Bank Name: Commercial Bank- Homagama Branch

Bank Address: No 100, High Level Road, Homagama, SRI LANKA.

Account Name: Cancer Care Association

Account Number:8290025562/1290025562


Cheques in favor of – “Cancer Care Association”

Donation Form

With Meththa,

I wish to help the programs conducted by the Cancer Care Association in aid of Cancer patients by making a financial donation.



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The Donation given by: Cash/Cheque

Date: Signature:

The Blessings of the Noble Triple Gem be with you all!



Dr. Samadhi W. Rajapaksa MD., MA., PhD

Address: 55, Munasinghe Mawatha, Galawilawatte, Homagama, Sri Lanka

Tel: +94 11 315 5229

Mobile: +94 77 340 9787




Thousands of candles can be lit from a single candle, and the life of the candle will not be shortened. Happiness never decreases by being shared.Lord Buddha