Dr. Samadhi Wishwanath Rajapaksa, is the founder and the current President of the Cancer Care Association Sri Lanka. Along with Dr. Upul Ekenayake (Consultant Oncologist), Dr. Samadhi Rjapaksa initiated the CCASL in 2003 in Anuradhapura, thus giving rise to this precious organization that has done a monumental service to cancer patients of Sri Lanka during the last twelve years.

He is a past student of the Ananda College Colombo and proceeded to follow his undergraduate studies at the Vitebsk State Medical University in Belarus. He was an exceptional student with a born talent for aesthetics in terms of Sri Lankan traditional Dancing and Music. While continuing his higher studies in Belarus, he had conducted more than three hundred solo performances in traditional dancing and has choreographed many such events that he became famous throughout Belarus, Russia and Eastern Europe, which also earned him a honorary studentship in the Peoples Friendship University of Russia (University of Lumumba). He was honored with the Presidential Award for dancing in Belarus and granted the Yurie Gagarin Diploma for upliftment of inter- cultural relationship between Sri Lanka and Russia.

After graduating from the Vitebsk State Medical University with a MD (Hons), he returned to Sri Lanka where he was appointed as an intern doctor of the Anuradhapura Teaching Hospital. During his tenure at Aanuradhapura hospital, the many firsthand experiences he had, regarding the effectiveness of whispering a kind word or a concerned inquiry with personnel attention, in negating the emotional trauma of patients such as cancer victims, ignited an aspiration in his mind that materialized in the form of Cancer Care Association. His superior, and his close associate during this time, Dr. Upul Ekenayake (Consultant Oncologist), provided immense support in setting up the organization, which at that time was a small startup with a few volunteers.

In the years that followed after 2003, his academic career grew along with the growth of  CCASL and by 2015 he was academically more than well equipped to serve his patients with a PhD in Buddhist Philosophy, MA in Buddhist Ayurvedic Counseling and many Palliative Care trainings in India, Singapore and China. Along with that, CCASL had become a well-established non-governmental organization with 3 branches (Colombo – Head Office, Galle & Anuradhapura) and more than 5000 members, Island-wide.

Being a devoted Buddhist and an exceptional practitioner of meditation who has reached a level beyond imagination where only a being with a mind superior to him could decipher, he uses such skills that he has developed for the spiritual development of both his patients and his fellows. This has enabled him to provide a consummate service for the patients who are subjected to his consultation, at the Patients Liaison and Counseling Center of the National Cancer Institute, Maharagama where he is currently the Medical Officer in Charge.

Throughout the years, Dr. Samadhi Rajapaksa has  played a vital and a pivotal role in the success of the CCASL and has ensured that its services are utilized by the needy patients who come under his preview, in a very efficient and judicious manner. The Cancer Care Hospice network and The Home Base Palliative Care Service (the first ever such service in Sri Lanka) are two of the best inspirational initiatives that has materialized through the CCASL, under his leadership. This has earned the organization with much deserved recognition from international bodies such as The Asia Pacific Hospice & Palliative Care Network and even from the World Health Organization (WHO). For his ground breaking work on Palliative Care in the Sri Lankan health care sector, he has been recognized as a National Patron of the Regional Association for Palliative Care – Northern Province.

Dr. Samadhi W. Rjapaksa is a man with astonishing talents and capabilities. He’s distinguished as a person with a remedial and a considerate touch with a compassionate heart for the not-so-affluent. His dream and undertaking is not an easy one although he continues his exertion with utmost fidelity and commitment. His association with his patients and the service rendered so far is beyond words, which incorporate him with a character that will naturally pass on to a position with greater power that is seldom attainable by any other commonplace human being.



“The world needs more inspiration, not less. Speaking is not the only way to inspire—actions inspire too, often more—but it’s rare to find people that inspire with both words and action”