CCA“Yo gilanan upatteiya so man upatteeiya”

Those who tend to the sick, tend to me- Shakya Muni Buddha

 There is no doubt that all of us have-at some time-fallen victim to some disease and suffered there from- but this experience has not left us with a physical or mental stress to a degree that made us sorely disgusted, distressed and dissatisfied with life. Yet if one is a victim of cancer –their stresses are compounded by social and economic stress too.

 The general belief that cancer is an incurable, fatal disease is not based on truth. Modern methods of treatment together with the development of mental and spiritual (energies/ values) go a long way to either completely cure the cancer or keep it under complete control.

By keeping the above saying in their minds members of CCA work with a great Shraddha according to the guidance of Dr.Samadhi Rajapakse expecting nothing else in return other than the greatest  merit(Kusala).