Cancer Care Association in partnership with a voluntary group called Revive To Surviveinitiated this project in mid 2012. A group of young  Sri lankans based in Texas, Houston lead by Mr.Ruvinda Gunawardena and Miss.Radhini Abeysekera initiated this noble activity with the aim of helping Pediatric Oncology patients admitted to National Cancer Institute Maharagama,Sri lanka.

Ruvinda is currently an honor-student and senior attending Clear Brook High School and Radhika is a senior at Clear Brook High.

How it started?

On their visit to Sri lanka in 2012 Ruvinda and Radhini had the opportunity to participate in the monthly bodhi puja activity organized by CCA .When they visited the pediatric unit to hand over some donations they got to know the Neupogen was out of stock and parents had to buy it from outside for continuation of therapy till the stocks are available.Up on the request from a poor mother of a ill child they immediately donated the required drug and later they determined to continue their support for these needy kids with the help of CCA. With  many discussions held with CCA and the guidance given by Dr.Samadhi Rajapaksa,Honorable president of CCA and Dr.Iresh Jayaweera a proposal was handed over to CCA-Executive committee for approval.With the approval of  the proposal they worked to set up their website

Revive to Survive ‘ and  a initial private donation of US $ 500 was deposited to CCA account in order to donate few vials of neupogen (1vial-Rs.5800 that time).The drugs were handed over to Dr.samadhi rajapakse by a representative from the group.

Followed by their first  fund-raising activity ..

YSLAAH, the Youth group of the Sri Lankan American Association of Houston, organized a garage sale in September, 2012 to raise funds for this project. After numerous hours of organizing and hard work, they pulled off a very successful fundraiser. They also raffled a bicycle as another addition to this event.

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A garage sale

The raised funds will be utilized in the first half of month of January 2012.

Await more details and pictures of activities..

How to contact?GirlWithRaisedHands

Revive to Survive

819 Amber Bough Ct.Houston, Texas 77062


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