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Bodhi Puja at Maharagama

45th Bodhi Puja 22_09_2012 at Cancer Institute Maharagama

By Dr.Iresh Jayaweera

The monthly bodhi puja organized by CCA aimed of uplifting the spiritual status of inward Patients held today at inside the  Cancer Hospital Premises Maharagama.

Many devoted members of CCA participated for the today’s activity and it was a miracle that the wet whether suddenly became sunny.Venerable Mahasanga from the Vajiraramaya temple conducted the puja activity followed by chanting of pirith.

The program concluded after distributing Soap for the patients.We saw the difference in their mood at the end of the program.

Here are some captions..

Next bodhi puja activity ….

Oct 20,2012 —

Join for a noble cause

Theruwan Sarani!!


Bodhi Puja at Cancer Institute Maharagama on 30th Monday at 3.30pm

Monthly bodhi puja activity for  April will be on 30th Monday at 3.30 pm onwards in front of Bodhin wahanase of Cancer Institute Mahargama.Aiming for the spiritual well being of cancer patients ,also members of the CCA will be benefited.


Preparation for the Puja activity

Offering to the sacred bodhi.

Puja/Chanting activity

Short session of Meditation

Things needed…

for patients…

Soap, Biscuits,Dry rations

for Puja

Flowers-Lotus etc ,Gingerly oil,Coconut oil,Suwanda sticks,Gilanpasa,Pirikara.

Any one who is interested can come and Join CCA on this day.

Theruwan Saranii

Some captions from the last puja activity…


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