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"Whoever would tend to me, should tend to the sick."- Lord Buddha


Breast cancer awareness

Free breast examination clinic

The 4 clinics organized at The Kingsbury are a great opportunity for those who have concerns to get a free consultation and breast examination. Early detection saves lives; therefore please make your way to The Kingsbury and get yourself checked out…


Breast Cancer Awareness with Kingsbury Nurtures

An initiative of The Kingsbury Nurtures CRS arm, who are working with the most eminent panel of doctors in Sri Lanka, in collaboration with The Cancer Care Association Sri Lanka.
The main objectives are of the campaign are:

1. Encourage all women over 30 years to screen themselves for Breast Cancer immediately.
2. Create awareness of symptoms in order for women to take immediate remedial action.
3. Raise funds to purchase mobile mammography machines for rural Sri Lanka.

The Kingsbury Nurtures and Cancer Care Association’s immediate concern is to create awareness that breast cancer can be cured if detected early through regular screenings and the long-term objective is to raise adequate funds for the purchase of mobile mammography machines.

More information about The Kingsbury Nurtures Initiative got to: CCASL with Kingsbury Nurtures…

Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign..October 2012

October is the breast cancer awareness month.Cancer care association anuradhapura branch with the guidance of most venerable Udugama Sarananda thero initiated a breast cancer awareness project with the launch of a Flag campaign.


First flag was handed over to the new chief minister of the north central province Honorable S.M. Ranjith follwed by Diector of Anuradhapura teaching hospital  by Mr. Sujth Kumara ,President  of CCA anuradhapura branch. CCA will direct the raised funds for the up liftment of facilities at the Cancer Care Hospice and for the Cancer awareness programs.

Cancer Awareness and Health Education program on 29th July 2012

By Dr.Iresh Jayaweera

Dear blog viewers,sorry for the long delay in updating the cancercaresl blog.

CCA has a sub committee for Cancer awareness and health education.A program for cancer prevention and to increase awareness of the general public was held on the Sunday the 29th of July at Wethara.Event was organized with the help of Bodhu Pubudu organization a local body in the area.

Increasing awareness is always help to prevent cancer as well as early detection which in turn help to cure the deadly disease.With the above aim our president Honorable Dr.Samadhi Rajapakse chaired the program.Around 100 people participated for the program with representations from various organizations like Mahila samithiya etc.

A lecture followed by a discussion delivered by our president..

Main points highlighted,

Life style changes for the prevention of cancer-Stop smoking and beetle chewing etc,Stop use of artificial chemicals for food preparation,value of becoming a vegetarian and the re-introduce the traditional life style of ancient sri lanka.

Effects of Passive  smoking and environmental pollution.

Main types of cancer and the causes and how to avoid.

And beetle as the main cause of oral cancer,and removal of aricanut and tobacco from the the dehath vattiya in religeous activities to protect venerable monks.Aricanut is widely used by beetle chewers now considered as a cancerous food.

How to do self screening for breast cancer.And the importance of the well woman clinic and the pap smear.

Leaflets were distributed among the participants and reading materials/booklets were donated to the local organizations. Chief incumbent monk of the local temple was present at the event,and he highly valued the activity.

Also the social and moral values mentioned in the  Dr.Samadhi’s Lecture was hi lighted.

Here are some of the captions…

Theruwan sarani!


Cancer Care Walk 2012

Cancer Care Association organized,

Cancer Care Walk and Awareness Campaign 2012.

Main objective is to educate the public about the Cancer as the emergingNo1 killer among Sri Lankan Population.

Also CCA  distributed leaflets to increase Breast Cancer Awareness..early detection saves life.
Smoking single most important preventable risk factor for cancer should be prevented.

Also public had the chance to get the CCA membership,donate funds/materials for the cancer patients.Members carried Tills to collect donations.

Also tickets for the Sandakada pahana musical show by Mastero Sunil Edirisinghe were  available on that day.

Some captions…

A sum of Rs. 115000.00 was raised during this event !!! Oba samata pin sidu wewa!

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