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Cancer Care Walk 2014

Cancer Care Walk 2014, in aid of Cancer Care Hospice and palliative care for cancer patients, organized by Cancer Care Association Sri lanka lead by Dr. Samadhi Rajapakse, in conjunction with Karuna Trust was successfully held on 31st May 2014 in Nugegoda.

A sum of Rs.76,000/= was collected with participation of about 30 volunteers. During this walk a huge eff ort was made to raise cancer awareness and Anti-Tobacco awareness among the general public, since it coincided with World Anti-Tobacco Day.

Below are some captions of the event.

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Annual General Meeting – CCA Karapitiya Branch 01_12_2012

Youngest branch of the Cancer Care Association-CCA Karapitiya Branch celebrated its first anniversary/AGM on first of December 2012.

Formed with the guidance of Dr.Upul Ekanayake,Consultant clinical Oncologist,Teaching Hospital Karapitiya and Dr.Samadhi Rajapaksa,President CCA ,initial ground work done by Dr.Iresh Jayaweera the branch had its first meeting 0n 30/08/2010 and had come a long way within the concept of patient care and spiritual development.Currently there are 302 members and most of them are staff members from the hospital.


With general help given by the former director,Dr. Jayampathi Senanayake initial project was to build a shrine room for religious activities of patients with cancer.Completed shrine room was declared opened and handed over to patients with a glamorous puja activity.

‘Gilanopasthana project’ having completed 11 days gave the opportunity to the  membership to serve the ill.

So far CCA has served around 55000 tea cups to the clinic patients under the Tea Project.

CCA is the only organization in sri lanka to conduct Home based Palliative Care,so far 52 home visits done for the terminally ill patients totally free of charge.

Special Puja Activities during past year

•1.Puja at Yatagala Raja Maha Viharaya
•2.Japan peace pagoda
•3.Kachchiwatta Temple
•4.Temple at Midigama
•5.Kottawa Monastry
•6.Weduwa monastery Koggala

7.Special Vesak activity series

•Gilanopasthana for ill monks at Keembi ela monestery.
•Pindapatha dana with the participation of cancer patients.
•Vesak Sermon.
•Vandana and Exposition of Sacred Relics
•Observe sil on vesak day.
•Pinkama at Newly built shrine room.
•Dhamma discussion with CCA members.
With the participation of CCA members AGM was a huge success…some captions
Welcome speach and a flash back presentation done by dr.iresh jayaweera
Honarable Dr.samadhi Rajapaksa gave an overview about CCA from its inception.
Dr.Upul Ekanayake filled the gaps with touching past experiences.
Formal AGM followed by presentation of Accounts/and reports.
New Office bearers were appointed.
 A fruit basket was offered to each of the inward patients.
Followed by a sermon by Rev.Pitigala Gunarthana thero and a puja activity.
Dr.Upul ekanayake addressing the crowd.
Dr.Upul ekanayake addressing the crowd.

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