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"Whoever would tend to me, should tend to the sick."- Lord Buddha


Cancer patients

A Music Therapy Program for Cancer Patients

Cancer Care Association Sri lanka lead by Dr. Samadhi Rajapaksa, organized a Music Therapy program (a very effective method of pain mitigation, used in modern palliative care) for in-house cancer patients at the Maharagama National Cancer Hospital in-order to uplift their mental well being through mental and physical relaxation.

This was followed by the donation of essential drugs for selected cancer patients.

Here are some captions of the event.

SAM_4767 SAM_4768 SAM_4769 SAM_4770 SAM_4771 SAM_4775 SAM_4776 SAM_4777 SAM_4778 SAM_4780

Puja activity At Weduwa monastery,Koggala Sri lanka 16_10_2012

by Dr.Iresh Jayaweera

Weduwa monastery is situated in a picturesque location adjoining the Air strip of Sri lanka Airforce – Koggala. Surrounded by the lagoon it provides a calm and relaxing environment to the meditating monks.

CCA organized its october puja activity here with the participation of its loyal membership and patients from the oncology unit of Teaching hospital karapitya.

Puja activity was conducted by Honorable Dr.Samadhi Rajapakse.

Line up of events

Buddha Puja,Kapruk puja,Chanting,Pirith,Meditation and blessings for cancer patients followed by refreshments.

A large number of patients participated for the event with a crowd around 200.


Here are some captions….

44th Monthly Bodhi Puja Activity 25th Aug 2012

As we all aware,CCA organizes a monthly bodhi puja activity in order to uplift the spiritaual well being of the inward patients of Cancer Institute Maharagama.

44th activity was held on the 25th Augest with the generous contributions from Mr.Hasitha premathilake and family and with the participation of CCA members.

Here are the captions….

Theruwan sarani!

Planting of a sapling from Jaya Siri Maha Bodhi at Cancer Care Hospice

by Dr.Iresh Jayaweera

We were really lucky to witness Planting of  a sapling from the Sacred Jaya Siri Maha Bodhi at Cancer care hospice on 25 th of March 2012.Currently the second phase of the Hospice project is underway with a shrine room with a bodhigara for the religious activities of the inward cancer patients.Also a separate kitchen complex is under construction with an estimated cost of Rs.1.2 million.

Planting of the bo tree was done by honorable Dr.Samadhi Wishwanath Rajapaksa,according to the traditions followed by the ancient kings of sri lanka.The bo tree has the same genetic composition of Jayasiri Maha bodhi(Tissue culture-Technique).

Lord Gautama Buddha is esteemed as the greatest human being appeared on earth. He attained enlightenment, seated with his back against it under the Jaya Sri Maha Bodhi tree of Buddhagaya, India.Since the original bo tree was destroyed with time.The Jaya Sri Maha Bodhi tree of Anuradhapura is the only sacred relic in the whole world comparable to the living Buddha, which has been sanctified by the touch of the Lord Buddha and was subjected to the homage of the esteemed one himself for one whole week through ‘Animisa Lochana Pooja’.(

The site was prepared in a special way with scented mud.Also valuable items including gems were deposited.

Many devoted members of the Cancer care association with people in the area were present for the occasion.

Once the bo tree was planted it was offered jewellery,nelum flowers,long chains of flowers,suwanda puja etc.

Next event was the placing of the statue of the lord buddha and the first buddha puja.

Finally  dr.samadhi described the rituals done in sequence and the merits of the pinkama.Planting of a bo tree is equal to giving a child to the buddha sasanaya and the merits include attaining nibbana with all your relatives(hatahra warigaya).Event concluded with chanting of sutta and a small session of meditation.

May all of you get the merits.

Theruwan Saranii!

Puja acitivity at Kachchiwatta Purana Raja Maha Vihara

CCA Karapitiya branch organized its January activity at Kachchiwatta Ancient temple Galle,the most popular religious place for the Buddhists in and around Galle.It is an ancient temple with a Famous Katharagama and Vishnu devala.

The puja activity was conducted by Dr.Samadhi Rajapakse and there were around 250 participants.Around thirty cancer patients were present from the cancer unit teaching hospital karapitiya.

Puja activity… a bodhi and chaitya Vandana (Thesaththa Ghana Puja) with a lot of flowers,Ashtapana, and Gilanpasa for each of the 73 described Ghana of  Gauthama Lord Buddha.Also Suwanda Puja,Kapruk Kodi puja for the sacred Bodhiya and the Pagoda.

Also chanting of pirith-Bojjanga Sutta for the good health  and fast recovery of patients was done.

Finally A short Guided Meditation Session follwed by refreshments for the participants.

Tea project.

Lets Serve a Cup of Tea to a Cancer Patient…By Dr.Iresh Jayaweera

An Average of two hundred cancer patients who are on regular followup come to oncology and onco- surgery clinic each working day.

Some of these patients come from far away places like Embilipitya and leave homes around 2 am. And sad to say some of them  cant afford their bus fair even.

CCA Karapitiya Branch with the guidance from Dr.Upul Ekanayake & Dr.Samadhi Rajapakse started to give a cup of Milk Tea/Coffee(Nescafe) to those poor patients.

The cost of Milk packets for each Dhana/Clinic is estimated around Rs.3000.00, and for mile stones like birthdays any one can come and serve Tea.

So far there are 150 donors registered for their birthdays and we need to find donors for other 90 days as well.(Total of 5*4*12=240 days).

Even if you physically cant  participate on that day,our generous members will do the serving part for you.Also we invite all of you to come and participate in this highly meritorious activity by your own.

Some of the Captions..

The dedicated team of the Tea Group

You can donate by contacting CCA- Karapitiya branch

Theruwan Saranii

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